ARES Section Set/Exercise 2023

Scenario for 2023 Nevada ARES section Exercise/set on Nov 25th

Unknown hacker group has attacked the power grid in the United States. The power outage hit Nevada midday on November 23, 2023, Thanksgiving Day. Holiday travel has been at record levels.

The nationwide power outage has placed the cell providers on very limited backup power, resulting in no coverage. The local Internet and cable TV providers have lost their connectivity due to limited backup power for their systems. Landline telephones are out of service as well.

Citizens are making runs on local stores to purchase food, water and other provisions. Stores require cash only due to their POS systems not working. Major looting is taking place. Gas stations are unable to pump their products. The city water systems are running on emergency power in some areas. Hospitals are on backup generators with limited fuel reserves.

Some local public service VHF communication systems are functioning including mountain top repeaters if commercial power is not restored soon the site generators will run out of fuel. The Nevada 800 MHz System is failing due to hacking and loss of power at sites. 

Your county emergency manager/coordinator has requested your ARES team for communication support on Sat 11/23/23. Your team is to provide support communications as needed. Reports from your hospital and shelters will be sent to the local EOC for processing.

Information for the Exercise/Set

Date:11/25/23 (Saturday)

Time for the Exercise/Set: We will start at 10:30 AM. It should not go for more than two hours. 


Net control will dispatch teams on TAC 14 to deploy to locations and establish communications with NC when they are on site. If you have been preassigned to deploy to a certain location. A time delay will be in place for you to start to receive a message or to send a message. This means you can set up in your area. Then notify NC you are ready for the exercise.This will be a scripted exercise. There will be a lot of pretending. Also please be patient with NC, leadership, and other members of the exercise. Team members will stay on TAC 14 until notified by NC to switch to TAC 15. Team members will send a message via Winlink to KR7EOC. To establish connection and be able to receive a message or to send a message. 

See Assignment's & Map Locations Below

2023 ARES SET Map Locations.

If you are deployed to a hospital

If you are deployed to a shelter

If you are deployed as REOC Team

Will establish HF voice communication with the division of emergency management W7DEM. Winlink will be used to send reports to DEM in Carson City.  DMR, fusion, IRLP, and Allstar are nonfunctional due to loss of Internet connectivity. MESH networks are working if they have back up power. Some WinLink gateways are operational, and some are configured to forward messages via RF. Address W7DEM for your Winlink reports.

There will be ICS forms that will be required to be used. These are ICS213, ICS205, ICS309. 

Local contact information for county/city emergency managers/coordinators using ICS 213 may also be sent via voice. List of members participating in exercise ICS 213. Radio plan I CS205.

Hospital bed report or status report ICS309 link messages sent/received for exercise.


Home deployment

If you are a team member that can’t participate on the deployment side, you have to stay home. You can still help with the exercise. We would ask that you be able to send and receive messages. This would be by voice and or winlink. Some of the messages may include. The status of your situation in an event like this or your surroundings/neighborhood. If you have any messages that may need to be relayed. Establish connection with ECOM 1 with voice and WinLink. There will be a lot of pretending. So, let's have fun with messages. You will need to contact Arlan Robinson @ before you deploy from home. No later than the day before. To let him know you are going to help in the exercise.

Location for Team members to be deployed

Alternate Location

Shelter locations

If you are deployed to go to a shelter. Please use the parking lot away from the main building. 

Examples of messages that could be sent to NC

Below are examples of messages that could be sent to NC on this exercise. Of course, we encourage you to pretend and make up some of your own. Think what could happen in this type of scenario and or your surrounding areas or deployment areas.


For Hospitals:

10:40am The current available ER bed count is 4 and 65 patient beds.

10:45am we currently are not accepting any patients. We are currently on divert status.

10:00am We are currently on 100% generator power.

11:15am No visitors are currently allowed. We are in a 50% lock down.

11:45am the facility maintenance has announced that the generators are on very limited fuel currently. 


For Shelters:

10:40am We are still accepting people. We have 60 sleeping cots available.

10:45am Red Cross has established an extended stay at this shelter.

11:15am Shelter officials have requested animal control to respond to the shelter. To assist with animals in the staging area of the shelter.


Home Deployment:

10:40am Some residents in my neighborhood. Are currently using generators or solar power.

10:50am Currently have no cell service or landline capabilities.

11:15am It's been reported to me that the grocery store down the street has some looting at this time.

1145am My neighbor has requested medical assistance. A 55-year-old male has fallen and broke his right leg, and first aid has been given at this time.

Fire Station Deployment for 911 Relay Coms:

Below are some messages. Use your imagination for additional messages that you can send. Remember the 800 MHz system is currently down. ARES teams are relaying communications to the fire department.

10:40am A report of a structure fire at the Walmart in South Virginia. Reno fire is requesting mutual aid from Sparks fire station three. 

10:45am A motor vehicle accident with injuries southbound on 580 near the spaghetti bowl. 

11:15am Medical assistance is requested by REMSA for fire to respond on a lift assist (insert an address)

Frequencies for communication

As of 11/17/23 @ 7:35pm

We will start with TAC 14. The portable repeater with ECOMM 1 at the National Weather Service parking lot. If we use the ALT repeater TAC 15. It has back up power to the system. It has good coverage for Reno & Sparks Valley floor. The W7RHC-2 is good for Spanish Springs and some North Valleys. W7RHC-3 may work in the same area as the W7RHC-2. We may also test the Simplex. If all repeaters are down we will have to use TAC 38 Direct Comms 

A Note from DEM

The DEM Radio Room will be staffed on Nov. 25 from 0900-1130 for the ARES SET.

All modes will be active but HF will be closely monitored, beginning with 7.280 MHz

We will also make periodic checks of Winlink and respond to messages received.

Tom Seeley W4FLL


Using Winlink

As part of the scenario. We are not supposed to use telnet on Winlink. With that being said. If you have means of using Winlink without telnet. Please do so. If you don’t, for training purposes, feel free to use telnet. W.C ARES want's you to feel comfortable and confident, on communicating with Winlink. We want you to succeed in this exercise. We understand some of you are in the process of getting the right equipment so that you can go off grid with Winlink.

Note, if you are using, telnet you will be required to send the same message via voice to the NC. We are aware that some members have access to StarLink Internet. Those users may use telnet without issue.

Note for ARES team and other team players

This is an exercise. This exercise is to help use your skills or to gain skills. We want people to use proper radio procedures and phonetics. If you need help, reach out for help. No one is a pro. This exercise is to have you succeed, have fun and learn what you can do to improve your equipment, or your knowledge. 

If you are approached by any official or law-enforcement. Please advise them of what you are doing. If you have an ARES ID please wear that. Also please wear your yellow vest. If you are just a team player please do the same as in explaining what you are participating in. If you have any kind of reflective vests please wear that and if you have a club ID. Arlan Robinson KA7ZAU (775-233-3530) will be your Point of contact if you have any issues with officials or law-enforcement. He will also be available for any questions if you have any. 

Please be prepared for any weather conditions. Also please bring your own food/snacks. 

Thank you to the following people for a early commitment to help with the set/exercise.

Ken Forrer - KF7BNX

Larry Hardin - KF7NJL

David Richards - AF6MN

John Phillips - KL7RI

Dick & Caroline - KC7ZJN & KC7WPY

Rick & Lu - K9THO & KK7HJZ

Shawn Tayler - N7LQ

Chris Smith - W4HMV

Bill Howe - K7WHH

Ralph Lucas - W6RWL 

Sharie and Jim from RED CROSS

Ray Foster- KB7GNA 

 Doug Edmondo - W7DBE

Ed Boog - KJ7DHY 

We are currently looking for more help. This is not an all day exercise. If you can spare any time. Please contact Arlan Robinson at  or text 775-233-3530