Horse Endurance Ride NASTER 30-50-75

JUNE 2024

ARES provided concise communication between Base Camp-NC, Stations, Event Coordinators and Emergency Responders. To report bib numbers or any accidents that we see or any assistance that is needed to the NC. Thís helped the rapid response to the Horse riders or to a certain location on the course. ARES provided members at five required different locations. This included ARES mobile unit doing a sweep and observing and helping the ARES team. 

 A Special  Thank You To All The Volunteers 

Washoe Valley Base Camp Start/Finish  Ken - KF7BNX 

ARES Station Checker / Sweep Rick- K9THO

Reservoir Gary KJ7HMV

Ophir Road Ed - KJ7DHY

Jumbo Grade Glenn - KM6BJD  & Shawn-N7LQ

East Lake / Event Coordinator Arlan - KA7ZAU