Turkey Trot Info.

Annual Scheels Turkey Trot

Scheels Turkey Trot will be on Thanksgiving Day Nov 23, 2023, at 8:00 am to 12:00 pm in the parking lot of Scheels. It's located at 1200 Scheels Drive Sparks, NV 89434. The organizer is the City of Sparks Parks and Recreation. Participants can choose to do either the 10K run or the two-mile untimed walk or run around the Sparks Marina. The 10K, which equates to a little more than six miles, uses city streets, as well as the local bike path.

ARES will provide concise communication between Station Captains, Event Coordinators and Emergency Responders. We will report any accidents that we see or any assistance that is needed to the NC. Thís will help the rapid response to the runners/walkers or to a certain location. ARES will provide members at nine required different locations. This will include ARES mobile unit doing a sweep and observing the last runners/walkers. In years past before we started helping, there was no way for the Finish line volunteers to know there were still runners/walkers on the course so they would close the Finish Line prematurely. This is why we now have an ARES mobile unit added. Also, ARES will shadow Event Coordinators. Once the nine required locations are filled. We will deploy to different locations on the course. This will be directed by the ARES Director as needed.

Communication will be done by VHF, UHF, WinLink and we will use the APRS units. Family Radio Service  (FRS) will be used by other volunteers or volunteers interested in becoming a license amateur radio operator. These volunteers may be helping in other areas or supporting ARES group on this event.

ARES Members please wear your ID and wear your yellow vest. If you are just a volunteer. Please wear any kind of reflective vests. We only have a small number of loaner vest.

This year's Event Coordinators are Tanja Ramociotti and Shauna Nelson. ARES Coordinator will be Arlan Robinson (KA7ZAU). 

ARES Deployment Map, Assignment & ICS 205 Are Below

T.T Main Map
ICS 205 for Turkey Trot 2023.pdf

Frequencies for communication

Rrvised 11/12/23 @4:58pm

We will start with TAC 14. The portable repeater from Ecomm 1. We may switch to TAC 15. The W7RHC system. We may also test TAC 38 Simplex.

 2023 Members & Volunteers

We always welcome and encourage more to volunteer. We could use the help. Please contact Arlan Robinson at KA7ZAU@washoeares.org if you would like to volunteer and help with the Turkey Trot with ARES. 

Thank you 

Ken Forrer - KF7BNX

Alan Jump - N5ILN

Shawn Tayler - N7LQ

Larry Hardin - KF7NJL

Aaron Penrod (volunteer)

David Richards - AF6MN

John Phillips - KL7RI

Dick & Caroline - KC7ZJN & KC7WPY

Rick & Lu - K9THO & KK7HJZ

Ed Boog - KJ7DHY 


Map Location 1  = Coordinator - Arlan   (KA7ZAU)

Map Location 1 = Start/ Finish NCS - Ken   (KF7BNK)

Map Location 1 = Start/ Finish NCS - Alan   (N5ILN)

Map Location 2 = Shadow Tanja behind BUS  - OPEN as of 11/17/23 Back up will be Arlan KA7ZAU

Map Location 3 =  Marina - Larry (KF7NJL)

Map Location 4 =  Marina - Aaron (Volunteer) 

Map Location 5 = Lillard/Lincoln corner and  SHADOW Shauna - David (AF7RM)

Map Location 6 = Brierly Turn Around - John (KL7RI)

Map Location 7 = Aid-1 Boxington Way - Dick & Caroline (KC7ZJN & KC7WPY)

Map Location 8 = Aid-2 Sparks Blvd SWEEP  - Rick and Lu  (K9THO & KK7HJZ) 

Map Location 9 = Roundabout - Sawn (N7LQ)

Course = (Prater & Sparks Blvd) - Ed  (KJ7DHY)