Member Opportunities

As a Washoe County Amateur Radio Emergency Service member, you have the opportunity to help make the organization a stronger, more valuable resource and better able to meet our Served Agencies' needs. A stronger Washoe County Amateur Radio Emergency Service means a better ability to serve our community in times of need, and greater confidence and pride in Amateur Radio by both Amateurs and the public alike.

As you participate in Washoe County Amateur Radio Emergency Service activities, keep in mind that flexibility is the key. The personnel, equipment and facilities available today may not be available tomorrow; conversely, what is lacking today may be available tomorrow. Realize that organizing and planning are not a one-person task. Your Emergency Coordinator (EC) is simply the leader, or, as the title indicates, the coordinator. The EC's effectiveness inevitably will depend on the members. Make yourself available to your EC as a member of the planning committee, or in any capacity for which you think you are qualified.

Washoe County Amateur Radio Emergency Service operations usually take the form of nets—HF nets, VHF repeater or simplex nets, DMR, even packet-radio nets, WinLink, depending on need and resources available. Let your EC know where your particular interests lie, so that you can be worked-in where your special talents will do the most good.