AUXCOMM is a public safety program created by the Department of Homeland Security to insure that there are adequate numbers of trained communicators available to assist Emergency Management when needed. Large scale disasters involve the disruption of normal communications such as cellular, wireline telephone and internet and more.


AUXCOMM Prerequisites:

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Upon successful completion of the AUXCOMM course you will be certified as an AUXCOMM Communicator As a specially trained ham radio operator serving as an AUXCOMM Communicator, you can be asked to perform many different tasks associated with emergency communications:

Click on this link NV NTQS and then proceed to click the course "Auxiliary Communications (AUXCOMM) - Quarterly" this provides details of requirements necessary to proceed. 

FEMA Certification 

The courses below are offered by FEMA's Emergency Management Institute Independent Study Program. This is particular importance to ARES members is the series of four National Incident Management System (NIMS)