Personal Appearance Policy

As emergency communicators and ambassadors of our hobby, putting forth a professional appearance is an essential part of our relationship with our Served Agencies and the general public.

Amateur Radio events attract national and local media attention. Radio and television media, as well as local newspapers, are becoming increasingly interested in Amateur Radio and the emergency communications services we provide, but a reporter's presence may not be noticed as other than a spectator in the crowd. Expect that you may be photographed at any time during an event and that you may be videotaped for televised segments of news (or for video clips that wind-up on the Internet). Be prepared by behaving professionally, dressing appropriately, and by maintaining a neat appearance at all times.

Washoe County Amateur Radio Emergency Service leaders have authority to determine what constitutes inappropriate attire. Members deemed to be inappropriately dressed may be asked to leave and change into proper attire prior to resuming their Amateur duties. Events will not be delayed while waiting for someone to change clothing, so please dress appropriately and do your part to enhance the image of our hobby.

Appropriate Dress for Amateur Radio Events

The attire for all Amateurs will be nice casual, with clean and unwrinkled clothing.

Men's appropriate dress includes dress slacks, chinos, khakis, nice jeans (no holes, fraying, or excessive fading or wear), or dress shorts; collared shirts such as polo shirts or buttoned shirts; and casual leather or clean athletic shoes.

Women's appropriate dress includes skirts, dress slacks, tailored Capri pants or culottes (knee length or below), nice jeans (no holes, fraying, or excessive fading or wear), or dress shorts; dress blouses, polo shirts, non-collared shirts in good taste, or sweaters; and low-heel casual leather or clean athletic shoes.

For both men and women, event shirts or official ARES clothing from the ARRL store will always be appropriate.

Camouflage-pattern clothing is inappropriate and should not be worn.

Outdoor Events

Some relaxation in the "dressiness" of clothing may be warranted at outdoor events, but common sense should dictate the attire. Dress appropriately for the season, environment and the conditions that you will find yourself in. Please keep in mind that no attire should call more attention to you than the event itself.

Personal Hygiene

It is important that you reflect the best possible image to the public; therefore, the highest level of personal hygiene is expected. This means being freshly showered or bathed, having clean hair, and wearing deodorant or antiperspirant. Men should be clean shaven or have neatly-trimmed facial hair.

Men and women both should minimize the use of heavily-scented after-shave, cologne, or perfume. Remember, you will be working in close proximity with other people; a little olfactory consideration will be much appreciated!

If you are uncertain of the conditions you will be working under, you should bring a change of clothing, a sweater or jacket, a hat, sunscreen, and any other items that may improve your comfort and the comfort of those who will be working with you under sometimes stressful conditions.

If you require a hearing aid, dentures, reading or magnifying glasses, bring them along and use them. Contact lens wearers should bring extra contact lenses or glasses, lens solution and/or rewetting drops, and a lens case, should you need to take your contacts out.

Be sure to bring any medications that you may require.

(Washoe County Amateur Radio Emergency Service reserves the right to modify this policy at any time.)