ARES Set/Exercise 2023

Scenario for 2023 Nevada ARES section Exercise/set on Nov 25th

The Scenario was an unknown hacker group has attacked the power grid in the United States. The power outage hit Nevada midday on November 23, 2023, Thanksgiving Day. Holiday travel has been at record levels. The nationwide power outage has placed the cell providers on very limited backup power, resulting in no coverage. The local Internet and cable TV providers have lost their connectivity due to limited backup power for their systems. Landline telephones are out of service as well.

Citizens are making runs on local stores to purchase food, water and other provisions. Stores require cash only due to their POS systems not working. Major looting is taking place. Gas stations are unable to pump their products. The city water systems are running on emergency power in some areas. Hospitals are on backup generators with limited fuel reserves. Some local public service VHF communication systems are functioning including mountain top repeaters if commercial power is not restored soon the site generators will run out of fuel. The Nevada 800 MHz System is failing due to hacking and loss of power at sites. 

Washoe County Emergency Manager and ARES Coordinator. Requested WCARES Team for communication support on Sat 11/23/23. The Team was to provide support communications as needed. Reports from Hospitals, Shelters and Fire Depts was sent to the local REOC for processing.

This was a good test of deployment and to verify communications capabilities.

Some pictures of members on their Deployment Locations

REOC- John - KL7RI & Ed-KJ7DHY


(Pictures will automatically scroll or use the arrows on the picture to go to the next picture.)

                                           On the left is Ray - KB7GNA for NNMC Sierra Relay.        On the right Rick K9THO for Relay for Incline Hospital and Lu - KK7HJZ at Incline Hospital

Dick & Caroline - KC7ZJN & KC7WPY for Sparks Fire Dept. Relay

Ken KF7BNX and Shawn N7LQ at ECOMM 1 

                Doug W7DBE at Home Deployment 

                (Pictures will automatically scroll or use the arrows on the picture to go to the next picture) 

Arlan - KA7ZAU Mobile Coordinator

Bill- K7WHH at Saint Mary's Hospital Radio Room

David - AF7RM at Shelter

Larry - KF7NJL at Northern Nevada Medical Center Radio Room

Thank you to the following people for the commitment to help with the 2023 Set/Exercise.

Ken Forrer - KF7BNX

Larry Hardin - KF7NJL

David Richards - AF6MN

John Phillips - KL7RI

Dick & Caroline - KC7ZJN & KC7WPY

Rick & Lu - K9THO & KK7HJZ

Shawn Tayler - N7LQ

Bill Howe - K7WHH

Ray Foster- KB7GNA 

 Doug Edmondo - W7DBE

Ed Boog - KJ7DHY