Honored Members

Bob Miller - WA6MTY

Bob Miller WA6MTY-SK became a Honored Member on January 11th 2024. Bob was the EC for Washoe County ARES. Bob became the EC for Washoe on June 22, 2006. Bob was very committed to his ARES team.  He was always finding events for his communicators.  Everything from Bike rides/races, foot races, supplying communications support for the PODS giving out shots to the community.  The Reno Air Races as security teams, Helping establish packet and voice communications for the hospitals just to name a few.


Bob made sure Ham Crams were conducted and prospective hams were tested.  He was so proud of the EMCOM1 truck for the Washoe County Ares to use. This was a work of love. If there was some event that could  use ham radio he was there, even if they did not know they needed radio communications, by the time Bob talked and sold the need for ham radio support they would welcome the ARES teams with wide arms.

John Miller - N7JDM

John Miller N7JDM-SK became a Honored Member on March 10th 2024. When we think about our ham radio friend John N7JDM, we realize what a gentle giant he was. It seems that every-one he came in contact with, John made them feel super comfortable with every conversation topic. John love to help with WC-ARES Events, Bike rides/races, foot races and supplying communications support N7JDM John, a previous board member. He also was a past president with SNARS. 

John worked for Chameleon Antenna. At Chameleon Antenna in 2016, John was instrumental in the company's growth and success. His expertise and hard work were crucial in launching Chameleon Antenna in Nevada, a milestone that marked the beginning of an era of innovation in antenna technology. John was more than just an employee; he was the heart of Chameleon Antenna's customer service. Known for his warmth and willingness to go the extra mile, he became the familiar and trusted voice for many of our customers. His approach to service was not just about solving problems but about building relationships.